What does LABC do and why?

  • Connecting people
  • Connecting businesses
  • Connection to Government
  • Interface with Council
  • Voice for local businesses for positive & realistic change
  • Business Education
  • Community & collaboration
  • Inclusive of all businesses in Leichhardt & Annandale

LABC is not:

  • Leichhardt Council
  • A marketing company
  • Norton St-centric
  • Responsible for individual business concerns – though we may be able to direct members to resources to help you

How can the Chamber help me and my business?

  • Opportunities for collaborative business, precinct and cluster promotions (see below)
  • Being part of a community of businesses sharing knowledge and acting together for mutual benefit
  • Access to resources to help increase business effectiveness
  • Networking to develop contacts
  • Access to business education programs

What are LABC’s priorities?

  • Promotion of Leichhardt & Annandale business precincts
  • Support & education to help local businesses increase trade
  • Networking events
  • Creating joint ventures
  • Directing members and local businesses to relevant resources
  • Developing relevant products & services

What is LABC’s relationship with Leichhardt Council?
LABC an independent Incorporated Association and is not a department of Leichhardt Council.
We have strong ties with Council, are aligned with and work to help fulfil their 2020 Strategic Plan and economic goals for a sustainable and liveable community.
The Chamber’s focus is to work with the local business community to design and implement Business Promotions Projects that help promote our business precincts and the sustainability of local business.
LABC utilises Council’s ‘Promotions Budget’ as the primary source of funding to subsidise our various business promotion projects.

Who is on the Executive & Management Committee and what do they do?
LABC Executive & Management Committee are volunteers from Leichhardt and Annandale businesses and Leichhardt municipality who collectively are committed to supporting the local business community and the Chamber’s vision and share their skills, time and experience to help the Chamber’s achieve it’s goals. The Committee is nominated each year at the AGM and selected by members voting.

What collaborative marketing initiative can I join in?
‘Places to Discover – Leichhardt & Annandale’ is a locality guide designed to help promote Leichhardt & Annandale precincts and local businesses. This project is funded by Leichhardt Council. The projects combines print, web, media, social media and Smartphone App technology.  We encourage and look forward to your participation in this exciting initiative.
Please see attached  the Expression of Interest form regarding the Smartphone App.
If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to call our office on 9367 9308 or letstalk@labc.org.au