‘Places to Discover’ – Leichhardt & Annandale

Welcome to ‘Places to Discover’, the new guide to Leichhardt & Annanddale. Explore our unique neighbourhood renowned for arts, dining, cafe culture and hidden gems around every corner.

This guide is designed to showcase local hotspots, secret gardens, great tasting local food, where to get the best coffee and pay tribute to the local heritage. Follow the trails to learn more about this fascinating local area. Meander through historic streets or just relax in the manicured urban parks of Leichhardt and its villages….the place to discover.

The website brings your local stories, events, special offers and exciting places to make your home away from home.

The guide booklet is available through local businesses. If you would like a copy please contact us on 02 9367 9308 or letstalk@labc.org.au.

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FIND OUT HOW Leichhardt & Annandale businesses can participate in the guide booklet, website, social media and Smartphone App listings and online retail: LABC_Ratecard-Final (5 Mar 13)